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7 reasons you should consider adding humour in your life

Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Satish Torani, an entrepreneur , filmmaker and comedian. Enough about me. 

I created this page to share with you that, humour has a much larger role to play in our lives than we think. Read on to find out.

Build resilience

We all are going to face setbacks, rejections and unexpected circumstances in life. As someone who attempts to make people laugh, there are times you fail and you stare at blank faces and you really don’t have much time to think about it.  You have to keep going with the next joke and that requires falling and getting back up. Once I got used to that, handling rejections and challenges in my business became a lot easier for me. Much easier than the blank faces staring at me  
Master communication

Have you ever wondered why stand-up comedians are such confident speakers? Behind the Comedian who is sharing his or her philosophy of the World with you, there is someone who has practiced saying that joke dozens and sometimes 100’s of times. Being a good comedian requires hours and even years of speaking practice to be so comfortable on stage. And that would naturally make such a person a very powerful communicator.

Take yourself less seriously

We live in times where the slightest of things going wrong offends us,  be it not getting enough likes on a post, something someone said or even worse, a disagreement on WhatsApp. Any one of these can make us upset for a day or even a week perhaps. As a generation with so much opportunity don’t you think that there are other avenues we can divert attention to?. Humour helps you take yourself less seriously and look at life a little more objectively so you can prioritise the right things that matter. You learn to laugh over the petty things and get on with your life.

Encourage you to educate yourself

Depending on the type of humour you use, sooner or later you will find the need to educate yourself about various topics, current affairs, economics, business & life to make subtle observations in everything. Humour encourage me to expose myself to various subjects which I would have not thought of doing earlier which enhanced my knowledge about various topics and about life. Something I wouldn’t have thought of doing otherwise.
Exercise your creativity

I am sure you understand that this one is needless to mention. For a joke to work it has to be funny, for it to be funny it has to be written well and very often rewritten a number of times. If you have any creative information such as writing stories, poetry, memes , it will make it a practice for you to stretch your creativity and connect dots all the time so you can come up with a unique joke that people will love. The same habit of exercising your creativity can be stretched to other forms of writing you love doing.
Become Likeable

Humour is the fastest way to break ice and connect with people needless to mention if you are someone who can crack jokes and connect well with people you will become popular in social circles, workplaces which will boost your overall confidence. A word of caution I would like to add here is that use jokes like salt. Dont be overindulgent as that will put people off. With time you will realise the right time and suitable moment to crack the right jokes.


Oh yes , how can I forget the last reason , which is to laugh. Something children do naturally but we adults need a reason to do. While there are other benefits I don’t want this page to become long. If you have reached the end of the article I thank you for spending the time to read it.

I hope I have been able to broaden your horizon on the role humour plays in our life. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on [email protected]

Until we meet again

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