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Hello There,
Thanks for stopping by. You may know it by now but my name is Satish Torani. I’m a Mumbai business
based Entrepreneur with a passion for storytelling. I believe there are two forms of storytelling , one is with
a camera and the other is through your words.
Incase you have googled me, it shows me as ‘Film Director’ , since I’m also an Independent Filmmaker.
When I realised you can also story tell through words, I decided to learn the craft ,which in simple terms is
called ‘Speaking’. The purpose of this website is to share whatever I know about speaking with you.
I have introduced a concept called “Smart Speaking “


What is Smart Speaking?
How many conversations have you had which have gone on for over an hour without arriving at any
outcome? Smart Speaking is speaking like a problem solver. Following are a few highlights of Smart

Thinking laterally:
The most important part in listening is listening to what is not said. Most misunderstanding happen because
of people do not understand other person’s point of view. When you show the opposite person you
understood his point of view, he or she is more likely to agree with you.


Prepare content fast:
Whether it is a speech or a presentation, the trick to creating speeches or presentations fast is how fast you
can make connections in your head of your topic related to well-known concepts, stories or news so that is
easily understood by others.

Create opportunities when you speak.
When you create the impression that you have listen attentively, speak accurately and use the right words in
terms of quality and quantity, you are perceived as the right person to work with , be it an interview, sales or
a meeting.


I believe we can never be good enough communicators. It’s like asking how much confidence or how much
money is enough?

If you are someone who wants to work with me in your speaking journey, following are the Speaking
services I offer.

One on One Sessions

If you are someone who wants to improve his or her communication skills in a short span of time , one to
one attention is the best option. I understand your concern that speaking is a skill to be practiced with a
number of people but almost 90% of the practice should and can be done in private before you step in front
of public. The more you practice in private, the better you will be in public

When time is dedicated only for you and to improve specific skill it goes a long way in developing that craft
and it works almost like a crash course in improving your speaking skills. Some of them are,
Getting clarity of thoughts


  • Articulating your thoughts,
  • Put your point across in a non-offensive way
  • How to story tell your idea
  • How to add humour to connect & more


Speech Writing

Whether you are a corporate, a leader of an organisation, a public figure or a politician, I also offer speech
writing services. 
Having written and delivered number of speeches I am well versed with what a structure of a speech should
be structured to put your thoughts across in a convincing manner.

Keynote Speeches
I also take key note speeches on speaking itself to make the whole process energetic, interactive and do my best to
ensure you feel a transformation in the event itself. This will be a combination of storytelling, public speaking,
humour combined with a dash of my own creativity. The exercises will range from writing what to say, planning the
structure, understanding structure, How to summarise what your point, be more spontaneous and deliver effective
prepared speeches.

Free Speaking sessions
If you are a student I would be happy to give you a free session on speaking. These sessions will help you in
making presentations, answering interviews, conducting meetings. However I would request you to come in
a batch of 10 atleast as below than that I will not be able to take a free session. I am happy to help out
students in any part of the world for communication skills


A little more about me

  • Won number of Speaking awards at Toastmasters
  • Award Winning Indie Filmmaker , IMDB rating 7.5/10
  • Founder of B to C business with over 4.5/5 rating


You can either DM me or email me on [email protected] . Yes, I know yahoo sounds outdated 
And remember..
Speak Smart
Satish Torani