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‘Andar se Confident’

If you can give me 5-Days , I will help you become a confident communicator using the
Power of Humor.

Watching 500 videos won’t make you a confident in communication but 5 days of practice with me will.  You will discover the fearless communicator in you with HumourCise. Speak to anyone in any given situation.

Starts on 10 October 2021

How will more Confidence help YOU ?

What you get in 5 day high energy HumourCise workshop


Warm up exercises to start thinking & Speaking


Level up with Speaking Confidence


Listening attentively and Communication effectively


Discover the storyteller in you.


Building better relationship.

What other professional have to say

Chris Arnoseon Communications Technitican Phoenix Arizona , USA

HumourCise is a great way to break the ice in a group. You open up to each other quickly by participating in the exercises. You enjoy the humor with the other members. It is a great way to communicate clearly and helps you think in a completely different way. Could be used to improve communication, creativity and accountability. Satish keeps the class fun and doesn’t get stale.

Sachin Executive Secretary Lions Club International Mumbai

We invited Satish to perform during a charitable event and the event went extremely well with his humour and he did a great job of keeping the audience engrossed and energized. Post the performance the charitable event also was a great success and I think it was very well initiated by him. A great session conducted by Satish .

Serban Mare Product Engineer at Microchip

Interacting with Satish was very easy and enjoyable. As I look to improve my speaking career, I found the Humor Session with Satish very eye opening. Through engaging material, thought provoking exercises and self-reflection games, Satish has helped me reach another level in my speaking career portfolio. He's techniques were captivating, as well as educational. The session was a lot of fun and time seemed to vanish quite fast. I looks forward to working with Satish in the future.

Omar Olwan Financial Analyst, UAE

Satish Experience and his passion for teaching makes him a very good coach. He has given really awesome tips & thought processes which are highly beneficial in brainstorming, communication & public speaking. Put those into work and you will see really good benefits.

    About me

    • Hi, I’m Satish Torani. Im an Entrepreneur, Comedian and Filmmaker.

    • Built a successful B to C ecommerce business under the name www.bicfurniture.com

    • As an Independent Filmmaker I made India’s first Indie comedy film for Youtube. Won an Award at World Film Festival, San Francisco.

    • Short films have been screened on Sony, Zee and other festivals.

    • Over 100000 followers on Youtube.

    • Some of my Instagram videos crossed 2 million in first few months.

    Featured on

    Number of videos
    with 1M + views

    Benefits of HumorCise

    Being a Soft skills trainer,
    I found Satish’ s Humour exercises to be creative and quite engaging. I feel I can use this in my training too as it will help the participants to be good listeners, be spontaneous and  motivate them to participate and enjoy the sessions.

    Rekha N (Soft skills trainer)

    I had an extremely fun session with
    Satish and I was pleasantly surprised to see how increase in confidence can be combined with having fun. The sessions go by very fast and always leave me for wanting more. I hope the best for him in his endeavor to change peoples lives with humor

    Omprakash Swarna (Yoga Therapist)

    I would highly recommend anyone who  wants to improve his confidence and communication to try out Satish’s humour exercises which will help you in thinking creatively and improve communication greatly. His approach is unique and fun Hema Devarajan (Founder & Sr Principal, Little kingdom senior secondary school, Tamilnadu.)

    Satish’s humor session kept the
    online session lively and energetic.
    I found it extremely useful in improving communicating spontaneously. He has great techniques to hold the audience’s attention. 

    Abbas Akbar (Regional Business Head  West Let’s Transport)

    Who is this workshop for?

    Business owners to build leadership Skills

    As a business owner how you communicate and convince with your clients and staff Is something that can make or break your relationships. Every time you speak you have an opportunity to influence.

    Sales professionals to practice spontaneous communication.

    People hate to be sold to but whenever you get a chance to present yourself to a client, always feel
    prepared to answer his questions confidently.

    Speakers & Trainers looking to add fun and spontaneity in their sessions.

    While e learning has become mainstream, getting bored, fatigue and restless have become common
    challenges. Many exercises you can copy paste in your training to make it lively and fun.

    Professionals looking to be better with colleagues and Interviews

    We do a lot of quick speaking exercises which will help you speak impromptu so that you are
    attentive and alert in every conversation

    Existing and Aspiring Content creators.

    The camera demands a lot of energy and that is exactly what we will work on. Once you appear
    energetic on camera , people don’t care about minor goof ups, incorrect language etc because they
    like your energy.

    Anyone looking to combine Improving Confidence with having fun.

    Get Bonuses worth ₹10,000

    Why do we wait to live life?

    Let me share a few thoughts by some great Thinkers.

     I share a great quote by Christina Grimmie, “Confidence is not they will like me , Confidence is I’ll be fine if they don’t” and this is what I want for you.  I want you to be comfortable in your own skin, no matter what your age , physicality or level of accomplishment.

     I quote ‘ Sadguru’ in saying that living joyfully is your birth right but yet we postpone that like we are going to live forever. We are waiting for that perfect moment rather than taking every moment and making it as perfect as we can.

    The great philosopher Elbert Hubbart has said “Don’t take life too seriously , you’ll never get out of it alive” Perhaps we think that after achieving some big goal, we will have the right to feel better about ourselves. I agree that achieving a big goal is something that can change your life but don’t you think living more confidently improves your chances of achieving something big? Let’s learn to worry less and live more.

    Why I started HumourCise?

    Soon after my MBA I became an entrepreneur. I realised that we get caught up in our day to day routine and lose touch with our childlike playful side.

    I always pursued my storytelling and filmmaking interests along with my business. Amongst the stories I wrote , I once wrote a story of a stand up comedian and In order to research the life of a stand up comedian , I started to perform comedy and that is when I realised that there is a reason why stand up comedians are amongst the most confident speakers and how much self development is involved in become a good comedian and that is when I decided to found HumourCise To share the same humour exercises with you to help you “Free your mind”.

    Frequently asked Questions

    What are the days and time for this workshop?

    Mondays to Friday’s : 9 am to 10 am

    Why is this workshop in the Mornings?

    The idea behind doing it in the mornings is to get yourself in a high energy state so you be more effective with your work during the day.

    Is this video based or live?

    Everything will be done live in the workshop. You don’t need to watch any videos or work with any forms by yourself.

    What kind of exercises will be done?

    These are a combination of storytelling, humor and speaking exercises with a dash of my own creativity.