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Master the art of short film writing that I have used to win multiple awards !

Work with me for 5 days and start your creative journey of becoming an award winning Short filmmaker without spending lacs of rupees. The key to making a low budget film is in the writing.

5 Day Short Film Writing Masterclass

26th October to 30th October 6PM to 7.30PM

Hello Storyteller,

If you’ve been oberving the latest trend, major bollywood films with topmost starcarts have been flopping. High budget Netflix content is being rejected by audiences & local content at lower budgets are being accepted. This is all happening for 1 reason which is that the audience is gravitating towards content they like. Perhaps finally , “content will be king” and this will probably be the best time for new writers to get their ideas out there. I hope you will be one of them & I’m doing a 5 day workshop to help you get there

What you will learn in the 5 day workshop?

Day 1 - How to come up with a story idea

Ideas are everywhere yet very few ideas are good. Its more about how you build a story around an idea rather than what the idea is. We will sharpen the idea generation part of your brain

Day 2 - How to write an interesting plot

When you read a story or watch a film , first thing you ask yourself is what in the story is creating a hook for me so that I sit through the whole story. This is the sub concious reason a story holds your attention.

Day 3 - How to write an interesting character

Im sure you’ve seen films or read stories where the character is very memorable. A good character has to be created by observing , combinging observations and seeing how it fits into your story. Good characters can live longer than good plots in my opinion.

Day 4 - How to understand a Story structure

Our life may or may not have structure but a story has to have structure. We have time limitations, attention span limitations , distractions and the right turning point is needed at the right time. For all of this a structure has to be followed

Day 5 - How to pitch a story

Pitching is a craft by itself. The fact is even though everyone wants an interesting story, not many are willing to read a story. Pitching is a craft that will help you in any kind of communication.

What others have to say ...

Sachin Biyani Executive Secretary Lions Club International Mumbai

We invited Satish for a Storytelling workshop & he kept the audience highly engaged. Looking forward to inviting him again soon.

Serban Mare Product Engineer at Microchip USA

Satish had engaing material and thought provoking exercises which made his writing sessions extremely enjoyable.

Omar Olwan Financial Analyst, UAE

Satish's exerience and his passion for teaching make him an extremely great teacher.

Chris Arnoseon Communications Technitican Phoenix Arizona , USA

Satish kept the writing class fun with his fresh material & I look forward to applying his teaching.

Rekha N Executive Secretary Lions Club International Mumbai

Being a softskills trainer I found satish's workshops very creative and useful for me to apply in my content creation.

Abbas Akbar Regional Business Head West Let’s Transport

Satish truly has the skills of a master writer and storyteller which reflect in his writing and his films

    About Me

    Im a Mumbai based entrepreneur and have always had a passion for storytelling , be it by making a film or simply standing up and telling a story. Storytelling has helped me win awards, think creatively in my business and made me a better human being. I’m sure it can do the same for you.

    Bonuses Worth ₹14999

    Bonus session on writing humour

    Bonus session on how to shoot your film on shoestring budget

    Feedback on a one page synopsis

    Frequently asked Questions

    Yes very much. If you have never written anything , you will enjoy the workshop even more.
    It is always suggested to keep your day job and start writing by the side until you gain some experience and learn how to make some money from writing.
    As a student of writing I always find the need to update my skills . After all how much can one brain think? Its not possible for you to be objective towards all your ideas. Any open minded writer will realise this. So if you are experienced it would be great to have you as part of the workshop.
    If you miss the workshop for any reason , the recording will be provided , which will be accessible for a week.
    Yes the techniques you will learn in this masterclass can be applied to feature film & web series writing as well.
    There is no refund policy my friend 🙂
    The workshop will be in a combination of english and hindi.

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