A very useful tip from the film 3 idiots in handling problems or challenges




There’s a dialog in the film 3 idiots which Aamir Khan, Rancho says very casually while he’s amongst his friends Farhan and Raju which is the following

“yeah jo apna dil hai na ‘ badhaa darpok hai’ isko bewakoof banake rakkho. life mein kitni bhi badhi problem ho na , usko bolo koyi baat nahin chaachu sab theek hai. usko bolo ‘ All is Well’ to which Sharman Joshi, Farhan replies ‘ aur use problem solve ho jaayegi’ . Nahin lekin use jhelne ki himmat ajaati hai”

I must admit that I did not pay attention to the significance of this dialog the first time I heard it, probably because he says it very casually and it seemed like a fun conversation among friends or probably because I’m handling more challenges now which is why I could related to it a lot more but getting back to the dialog above.

If I try to understand the essence of the above dialog, it all lies in the first line “yeah jo apna dil hai na  yeah badhaa darpok hai’ isko bewakoof banake rakkho”

No matter how big a problem we are faced with, the fact is we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. By my personal experience I have seen that I could be constantly worrying about one problem and suddenly I face a totally unexpected and unforeseen problem which has to be dealt with. So what use was all the worrying over that which has not happened and we are fearing will happen? It’s not like we are not going to face any challenges. Sure enough we will but we don’t know what they will be and when they will come.

Rather than draining all your energy out with worry, you might as well fool your heart and say ‘All is well’ and do the best you can today. I think when the writers wrote the statement they were talking about living in the present and and taking each day as it comes rather than stressing out and their mantra ‘All is well’ is how they show the audience how to do that. The statement “apne dil ko bewakoof banake rakkho” to me implies that even if you are faced with a problem, you can handle it by behaving like you already have a solution to the problem even though you may not know what it is. Here I don’t mean avoiding the problem, I mean behaving like you have the solution to the problem which will give you better abilities to focus on the solution. As he rightly said ‘apna dil badhaa darpok hai’ which means that it does not take much for us to get scared which is why we need to trick it into feeling things are fine.

The film no doubt has many great other lessons but I felt this one was something that might have been missed out by many so do remember the dialog ‘yeah jo apna dil hai no ‘ badhaa darpok hai’ isko bewakoof banake rakkho’

This is only my interpretation of the scene. If you have any comments or contribution, do drop your comments

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