Stuart Wilde gives us the clearest explanation on money



Stuart Wilde gives an extremely straight forward & practical explanation about how we as individuals should think about money.  Even though he does not use terms such as law of attraction, visualization etc., he gets down to a straight forward approach about money. You do not need to understand an esoteric philosophy or be spiritual to apply this even though his approach does encapsulate a lot of that.

The money system designed by the Government

He makes it clear that all governments let all people down all the time. The government designs tax laws only to bill people the way they want.  What we need to push against the system without confronting it because the system will not look after you as it is designed to look after itself & not after us. According to him, the wealth of the nation is the individual man, not the government & in order to bring in money we need to disengage from the physical plane & the feelings of the way the World sees money.

What do we feel about money?

You can design your life within the law to have financial freedom

First understand “what are the feelings inside of you that are preventing you from receiving money. We need to create an energy within ourselves.  Ask “what do you really feel about money” & what we need to do is resonate a powerful intention about money

When a person permeates the negativity about money because that thought is already in our minds we accept it. We need to build the feeling of being confident about money & that we can create the amount of money we need in our lives. When we change the feelings we resonate constantly, they change moment by moment what we feel about ourselves

What happens when we feel negative about money?

This part is a little like physics.

He makes it clear that if we feel negative we will pull someone toward us what is equally negative or pull energy patterns that will be disastrous for us.

On the surface it will look like only minor things are going wrong but bit by bit the whole energy patterns make things drop on our head & collapse on us. It could be the collapse of a financial situation or a relationship because we have pulled all that towards us

He explains in simple English that we suck from the physical plane parts that are congruent with feelings within us.

All of life comes at us at the speed of light & we have several possibilities coming at us at any one given moment & we will pull from those feelings that are congruent with our feelings so all the good as well as the evil comes at us at the same time & we filter from that things that match our feelings so if we maintain an energy of lack it pulls from us all things that are exactly the same

The only way to defend against that is to build this abundant feeling from inside of us which inspires people because it is life force & it is confidence. It’s the confidence of feeling everything’s ok

As we project more of that confidence outwards the more we draw from the energy field things that match with our confidence & the less the energy of other people pulls us down

For example, when we are in a crowded we do get affected by people who are around us with their energy field. Every time someone looks at you, touches you or passes by there is a feeling of energy & there is an exchange of energy depending upon whether the opposite’s person’s energy is positive or negative.

How to develop an Action Plan

First get clear

The first thing to go is to get clear about what we want. We need to develop high clarity about who you are, what your mission in life is.

Once we are clear, we need to let go of our ego & think what our customers want. We have to be organized, we have to be centered & we have to know what you want & we have to go for it.

We need to meet people

It’s ultimately people who will pay us & If you’re coming out of love & service, you won’t mind going out & meeting people because its people who will give you the cash. Meeting people is a way of expanding energy for us.

Whether we are selling a skill, knowledge or a product, get excited about the product & transfer that to other human beings who will pay for it.

Have fiscal discipline

Eventually we have to spend less that we earn as that is the only way we can build wealth.

Summarizing it

Pull yourself out of the feelings of worldly limitations, get clear about what you want , resonating that intention for yourself , create clarity which will create a power around you & heading on out by taking action & doing what needs to be done. It’s about a shift in our level of consciousness & a shift in our dedication towards handling our feelings about money.

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