How Steve Jobs connected the dots after 10 years 

We all know that Steve jobs dropped out of college. He attributes his dropping out to the fact that he enrolled himself in a very expensive college & realized that both his working parents were using up all their money to pay for his tuition fee. This fact did not make sense to him especially since he was not interested in college. He took the decision to drop out & a few months later he enrolled himself for a calligraphy course. Here he learnt different fonts such as Sanserif

He had no idea how he could practically use it & of what use doing the calligraphy course was.

However years later, he designed the first macintosh & used his calligraphy skills in designing great typography & spacing. He says it all came back to him suddenly. Had he not dropped out of college, he would not have joined the calligraphy course. Had he not learnt calligraphy & its artistic value, he would not have incorporated all of its beauty & art in designing the macintosh.

It took him 10 years to connect the dots. Calligraphy was something that stayed him for 10 years. For 10 years he had no idea what its practical application or use would be.

Steve jobs is amongst the smartest brains in the World & all of us can’t use our brains the way he does but yet we can take something from him about joining the dots taking his comparison of how he used Calligraphy in developing the Mac & improving the way the world works.

We all go have unconnected dots that we try & figure out how to connect. Experiences that we wonder why we went through. Things we did which we can’t understand why we did at all but may be there are some unconnected dots which if we try & connect we could lead to solutions we never thought could lead to solutions we never thought were possible or achieve goals we thought couldn’t be possible to achieve.

If it took him 10 years to connect the dots we surely can believe that going ahead some unconnected dots in our lives will connect in ways we can’t imagine now. We only have to keep our minds open to connecting them

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