Simple steps to deal with difficult situations that seem out of your control


Step 1 : Calm down

The very first step in handling a difficult situation is to calm down.  Most of these so called sorrowful situations come from a thought that arises in our mind & when there’s a moment of thought, we see the object of thought & not the subject of thought.

The very first thing to do is realize that it’s a moment of thought & that the impression the thought lays upon us is more important that the event itself.

Step 2: Identify that space of silence

So how do we handle this thought over which we seem to have no control? The trick here is to identify the space in which the thought exists. This space occurs between the thought & our reaction to the thought. It’s a very delicate situation to identify & will require a good deal of practice.

So what we need to do is to look into that space & identify the silence that that exists in that space & log onto that silence.  In lay man’s terms it means, be calm when you have a disturbing thought rather than adding masala (spice) to the thought one upon the other & get crushed by the avalanche of thought.

Step 3: Be Silent about your Sorrow

The second thing to do is rather than justifying or cursing our sorrow, be silent about your sorrow. Practice looking at the subject and not the object. Once we learn to keep that moment of sorrow in silence, we can make ourselves aware to draw our energy from your inner strength that the silence will create.

Step 4: Draw energy from the right place

One big mistake we make is we draw our energy from worry rather than drawing from worry or ego, draw energy from inner strength which is the power to be silent and calm.

The greatest decision you have to make is deciding to choose the right belief because beliefs create reality. Draw your energy from internal strength which is internal strength, silence, commitment and belief.

Step 5: Believe

The next step is to believe. Belief you will be enlightened, having the Belief you will be successful. Two great examples he quotes are Beethoven was deaf when he composed his classic pieces of music.  Stephen hawking is another great example.

You may ask why you should believe when things are not going your way but its only when you have a belief, something beyond logic will happen. I guess working without faith is like action without enthusiasm. Lastly he quotes the parallel between a wave and situations we face in life. When we are able to remain still & silent, we have the ability to float with the wave but when we fight the wave we risk sinking & drowning ourselves.

So the inner silence here is the ability to float ahead with the situations of life rather than complain, whine and try going against with the situations of life.

The above are teaching of Swami Sukhabodhananda. Do drop your comments. I look forward to hearing from you








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