The Power of Self Talk

Ever heard the term GOD is within us? Neville Godard explains us how are own self talk creates our own reality. In my childhood I did hear this term called GOD is within us. I actually never understood it. Was it because we were all living beings or was there a small GOD inside of us?

When I came across Neville Godard’s teachings, he mentioned a sentence which says “Our inner conversations are the word of GOD” If you think about it, we talk to ourselves all day & what we speak is what creates the GOD within us. If it really is true, then as we speak to ourselves all day, we are creating our own GOD & giving it the power we want to give it.

If our own self talk is what creates our own reality, then we are creating our own GOD for us within us & he will make us do whatever our self-talk makes him do.

We all encounter negative self-talk throughout the day but yet we must make a conscious effort to speak to ourselves with respect & in a manner them empowers us. Only by doing so can we discover the GOD within us which is what we.

The interesting thing about this is that we do not need any extra time for it as we speak to ourselves throughout the day. While driving, while doing chores or anything that does not take up our full conversation.

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to make our inner voice speak to us in a way that works for us rather than against us? Ultimately we will only speak out what we speak to ourselves. Our speech will always reveal whether we have connected to the GOD within us or not & If yes, how deeply are we connected to him?

It will take a tremendous amount of effort as many times we are not even aware about how we are speaking to ourselves. If we truly want to connect with the GOD within us, we must go deep into our own self talk to the extent that we can start to direct it toward being our guide & speak to it like we are at a holy place so that it will eventually give back to us the same speech we have spoken to it.

We must start using words that strengthen our beliefs, words of respect & words of love as the GOD we create will talk back to us the way we have created him.





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  1. Steve says:

    Self talk creates reality. I agree with that. Stories are powerful and I’ve always said that we tell ourselves our own story. If you replay things in your head, you’re basically retelling what’s going on in your life. If you only focus on the negative, that’s what you’ll see and that’s what you’ll act out on. It’s good to balance things out so that you’re self talk doesn’t create something bad.

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