How you must feel in order to get rich

Firstly, I would like to than Stuart Wilde for giving us his detailed explanations on money based on which I have written this article. His no nonsense, straight forward method would resonate with any practical person.

Most of us would agree that we are predominantly a product of our thoughts, actions & feelings however an important question to ask would be “do we feel good about yourself? “ We may have imperfections in various areas of our lives, be it relationships, money , physicality or anything else. But despite all our flaws, shortcomings & failures, could we still feel good about ourselves? If not, would you be willing to work on yourself to feel good about who you are? The work that needs to be done in order to feel good about yourself is what Stuart Wild calls the “Warriors way. “

Work on your feelings.

We are constantly resonating to people what we feel about ourselves.  What’s tricky here is that we may not know that we are doing it & neither would the people around us but they just seem to catch onto this unexplained feeling. By working on ourselves & our feelings we can resonate the kind of energy that we want to. For this we need to be aware of our feelings & work on ourselves so we start to resonate the energy for that which we want to see manifest in our lives.

We are constantly giving out energy into the so called physical plane in the way we speak, the way we use our body, what are eyes communicate etc. in interactions with people. It is eventually people who pay us or people who we work with so our influence on others is an extremely important determining factor in determining financial success in our lives.

In order to feel better about ourselves, we need to concentrate on our inner self in order to bring the energy of the universe back into our center in order to develop our power & manifest what we want. What he means by this is learning to be at peace with ourselves & using whatever strengths we have rather focusing on external people & external situations.

How to feel better about yourself

Accepting ourselves for the way we are made & letting go of all feelings of guilt, hatred or resentment that we may have towards ourselves or towards others & loving ourselves for the way we are. Once we have understood ourselves better at the core, we know who we are & people will relate to us only in a manner congruent to how we feel about ourselves either consciously or sub-consciously. As we will relate most to people who are similar to us at the core, it is extremely important that we understand ourselves first.

While I know the statement is a bit abstract, if you start to understand yourself better, you will connect better with yourself which will help you understand what you should do in order to improve your life.  You will be a lot happier & a lot calmer with yourself which will help you to manifest what you want in your life. This is the starting point of concentrating on yourself & working from your own power that has been given to you.

The more we love ourselves by accepting ourselves, the more balanced we feel & the more power we will have.

Do not compare yourself to others or see how much more or how much less they have in comparison to you. Let go of all opinions of other people & be clear about what it is you want to do. The more opinions we have about things & people, the more resistance we have within us. We need to lighten our energy by having less opinions thereby having less read blocks within us.  Maintaining a lighter energy will help us move forward faster.


Understand that you don’t have to give into your feelings

We may not always feel like doing the right thing or behaving the right way but with constant practice you will see that you don’t have to give into your feelings & that you can do the right thing irrespective of what your feelings want. Once we understand this, we understand that we have the required power within us to act the way we want. If it is up to us to act the way we want, that means we are not totally dependent upon outside factors to decide how we feel. This control gives us the feelings of us being able to control our own lives.

Similarly whatever activity you undertake, your effort will depend upon how you feel about that particular thing. Whatever effort you put in has been due to how you feel about that particular thing & not some external factor.

Do not wait for external factors to change to feel better as in that case you will always be looking for things outside of you to feel better when in fact the reverse is true that the better you feel better about yourself, the better situations you will find yourself in.

How feelings have an influence

Our thought patterns are what create our feelings & our feelings create an aura around us that people & the so called Universe is constantly responding to.

If you desire to have a sum of money in the bank & you work for it  do your affirmations , make your plans, work hard etc. but you if you don’t feel it within you that you have that money , it is likely you will take much longer to have it. If you can cultivate the feeling of having that money or your accomplishment right now that is when you will be in a state of receiving what you want. Notice its important here to know how you feel & to train yourself to have the feeling of accomplishing what you want. With this powerful feeling inside of you, you will resonate your intention & people will tune into your feelings & things will happen for you much faster.

Be Specific

Stop thinking someday, as the fact that you think someday you will accomplish this does not communicate anything clearly to your higher self & keeps you in a vague place. Get clear about what you want & work on getting that feeling of success you want right now in your life.

Similarly be as clear as possible about what you expect out of life if you want your higher self to guide you to your destination. Lack of clarity means a lack of direction.

Now work on getting rich

Now , once you have this knowhow you can undertake the actual steps in your endeavor to get rich & to have a better materialistic life but before you do so , please make sure that you have this understanding  what you are feeling , thereby understanding what you are resonating so you know what influence you are having on your own life.

A good question to ask yourself might be “What do you feel is true about yourself “ to know what it is you really are feeling about yourself & what you need to correct.

I hope this helps.

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