Make motivation a daily discipline.

If we could stay motivated by taking a motivation pill which would keep us charged up throughout the day, it would be great as we would not spend time worrying & let our time while away in wasteful or minor activities. Any kind of growth requires motivation as we have to stretch ourselves to get out of our comfort zones to continue taking action irrespective of whether we get results or not. So here are some steps that I hope you will find helpful with motivation.

You need to motivate yourself every day.

Zig ziglar said motivation is not permanent but neither is bathing. You will have to make it a daily practice to motivate yourself each & every day as a discipline. Even if you feel lazy to do the things or feel they will not help you. If you are convinced that you need to bathe every day you should not need any convincing that motivation has to be done every day.

I would even go step further & say that that we need to motivate ourselves every 3 to 4 hours. Often times we wonder that when we have a read a motivating book or listen to a motivational talk, why we don’t feel the same after its done. The reason is that after we are out of that environment & get into our old environment our motivated energy can run out & we need to find ways to replenish it frequently throughout the day .

Communicate with yourself like you would to someone you respect

Most of our self-talk is negative. We beat ourselves down all the time but the fact is until we don’t change the words we use to communicate with ourselves, we will not change the way we should communicate with ourselves. You can’t expect to want to stay motivated & yet tell yourself “ How bad you are or how useless you are” . They both work against each other.

Watch what you say to yourself & find a way to rephrase the words you use so that they sound more positive & solution oriented. Make positive self-talk should be a daily discipline if you are serious about increasing your motivation level.

Re – condition your mind every time something bad happens

Les brown says “you got to get out of your mind everyday & you got to re condition your mind everyday “ Doing the same things day in & day out , meeting the same people every day we develop a limited view of life & feel that this is how our life is & how it’s going to be. More so when something bad happens, we tend to feel like this all the more.

We all think only through our set of limited beliefs & a belief is a though repeated over & over again.

Make staying motivation a discipline.

Once you have committed yourself to this discipline, you have closed the door of going back to the de- motivating or time wasting habits that will not empower you in anyway. There will be times when you will not feel motivated but do what is required to be done. There will be times when you will get tempted to think in your negative patterns but learn to break out of it to think in the right pattern. You will have to make it a discipline for it to happen.

Staying committed will ensure that you maintain the habits of needed to stay the course & with each attempt you will find yourself getting into a motivated state more easily.

The more often you break out of your old thinking patterns, the stronger you will make your motivation muscles.

I hope the article above has been useful to you & would be keen to hear your what you think. Do drop a comment.

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