How to start thinking Big – Stop being realistic.

When we do not know how something is going to work out we tend to question the logic of how it is going to happen. Our logic forces us to look at reasons to justify why things will not work out for us as we have to be practical & realistic. This very practical & realistic thinking is what can keep us mediocre & does not make us set high goals for ourselves.

Concentrate on what you want rather than what is realistic or logical.

Your mind is working whether you like it or not. Most of the time its dwelling on the past , something that’s gone wrong or something that’s of no use. With effort we can learn to put our minds on what we want & use the same time, energy & thought process to move toward something constructive & progressive which will help improve our life. Even if our goals seem out of reach, it’s as much about who we become in the process of reaching the goal as much it is about achieving the goal in itself.

Stick to one vision

Just like a sculptor will not finish any work of art if he keeps changing his design, we cannot achieve any goal if we keep changing it every week or every month. We tend to scatter our thoughts as a result of which we also scatter our efforts. All our efforts will have to be toward the same vision until it is achieved or taken of our agenda.

You have to be willing to dream big

Most of us tend to think small due to the fear of failure or of rejection but why fear failure when it is something that cannot be avoided & can be the foundation of our growth if we make it. Unless we don’t dream big & take action towards our dream we will never know if there is a so called miracle in store for us or not.

There is nothing realistic about the people about who have truly achieved something great.

There’s nothing realistic about Colonel Sanders who sold is chicken recipe at the age of 65 & became a success. There’s nothing realistic about Tony Robbins who at one time worked as a janitor. There’s nothing realistic about Lisa Nicols who did not have money to change her baby’s diapers & is a world renowned speaker & author.  Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile by being totally unrealistic.

They all achieved dream that seemed totally unrealistic even after they have achieved it. Looking upto these people can give us the courage to have dreams that defy logic , age & being realistic.

Refuse to listen to the voice in your head

Perhaps the most challenging one of all is to stop listening to the voice in your head that sure to do one of the following, remind you of your past failures or give you reasons why your dreams are not practical. Note that I have mentioned here refuse to listen to the voice in your head rather than stop the voice in your head. I don’t think there is any way to stop the internal chatter we all go through & since our minds are trained to think, they will mostly think out of habit. Unit you have consciously trained it to improve its quality of thinking, it will think the way it has been for the past several years.

What’s important here is to not give into those thoughts & understand that our mind is only using it as a defensive mechanism, almost like a scared child. Looking at it this way will allow us to decide what the right thing to do is despite what the voice in our head is communicating with us.

Stop asking permission from other or from yourself about whether you deserve something good but instead make a decision that you will take your life to another level.

You do not need any one else’s or even your own permission to dream big. You have the right to dream big & to go after your dreams. It’s your life & your dream. Only you can claim it & nobody else will or can do it for you.

Dream big, take big action & worry less.

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