How to increase your happiness level – let go of your ego.

What is the purpose of our ego? I really don’t know but I surely have experienced the damages it can do if we let it govern our decisions. We always have a lot of justification for our situations in life & those justifications always come from our ego. However I feel it is best to let go of it in most situations for the following reasons.

Letting go of ego means being open to Forgiveness

Having resentment towards anyone can create negative blocks within ourselves which prevent us from moving ahead in various ways & hold us back our personal development.

Invariably this happens with close family members & we always have various reasons why we cannot forgive them. Reasons, we feel our only understandable to us but the faster we can learn to forgive & let go, the more we will get along with others, thereby getting along better with ourselves.   On the other hand the faster we can actually have the courage to ask for forgiveness if we have wronged in something, the freer we will be, making life a lot easier in every way.

Letting go off your ego means having a giving mindset rather than having a taking mindset

In whatever we are doing, be it a business or a doing something for our family, we truly make a difference when we are giving more than we are taking.  For a business to be profitable it has to offer value to the customer, it means that it has to first let go of its intention to make money & instead offer value to the customer & put its intention of being profitable secondary. The same mindset can be applied to our relationships in that we give more in our relations than we expect. Our ego however only forces us to think what we are getting rather than giving. Are we getting our way out or not? Is the opposite person behaving the way I want or not? True understanding of a relation involves more giving more than receiving.

Letting go off your ego means getting comfort zone

Why would you not get out of your comfort zone?  What stops you? It’s nothing but your fear based ego which will keep telling you that what will happen if you fail. If we can truly look at getting out of our comfort zone as expanding ourselves, then the fear of failing is not going to bother us, which will help us embark on a lot more challenges helping us grow beyond our existing capacity.

Our ego always has a justification to give into your old behaviours

Our ego will always give us reasons why we should give into our past behaviour. It always pulls us back in order to stick to our old patterns explaining us that that is who we really are rather than allowing ourselves to being open to change. It will justify to us that our personality is a certain way & that it should remain like this.

Letting go off your ego means connecting to your higher self

Our ego is our petty self. It only thinks of what we feel, not what is right for us. The ego wants to complain. It is very creative in making excuses. If we want to think beyond the petty mind of the ego, we will have to connect with our higher self. Once we are able to do that, we look beyond our shortcomings & our limited mindset & are able to see what the right way to conduct ourself.

Letting go of your ego means you stop feeling bad for yourself

Your ego always wants to look at everything that is there to regret. Everything that you did not get, how others are better off than  you & find every way you in which you can pity yourself. Letting go means you be thankful for what you have & doing your best to use it in whatever way you can today so you create more opportunities for yourself.

Letting go of your ego means doing the right thing despite not knowing the results

The ego needs guarantee for success, it wants to you to feel bad for yourself rather than move ahead & do what needs to be done.  The ego will always be concerned about what it will get before putting in any effort. It will want to create doubt in you & shake your belief in your actions.

Yet, how many times have we heard stories about people coming back from complete failure to success who had no guarantee of success yet gave it all that they had.

Letting go of your ego means doing the right thing despite not knowing what the outcome will be.


While we may not be able to eliminate our ego completely, with enough practice we can distinguish between the egoistic thinking & the thinking of our higher self in order to take decisions about how we approach the situation & take action steps that are right rather than what our ego feels like doing.

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