How to have more control over your life



  1. Understand that everything around you is energy. Every event that takes place & thought that you express is energy that you are creating in your life.


  1. We cannot act negatively on the one hand & expect to receive something positive on the other.


  1. Create affirmations with words you believe in will have most energy for you & make you feel the right way.


  1. Become aware of the inner tendencies that bring you down & avoid them


  1. Finish what you start. As you accomplish one task after another you will have the confidence to go ahead.


  1. The more you fill yourself up with the right energy, the more you can attract from the universe. Don’t waste your time on figuring it out how this law works. Just know it


  1. If you treat your dally like a training ground , everything you go through will not feel like a task but like an opportunity to learn & grow.


  1. In daily life, treat your feelings, thoughts & attitudes as the groundwork for the life you are creating tomorrow.


  1. Your main challenge is to let go of the limiting belief you accepted at birth. In order to becomes a part of a higher consciousness you have to step into the unknown.


  1. Internalise the fact that you make your life & not any force outside


  1. If you see the circumstances as something permanent , it will limit your belief of what you want & are capable of manifesting.


  1. You have to win the battle of the mind . The part of your mind which believes in limitation.


  1. Decide that you have the ability which thoughts you will pay attention to


  1. Your thoughts will create an energy field around you which will decide how people will react to you.

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