How to handle life’s challenges – its A B C D

person-110305_1920How to handle life’s challenges: use the ABCD method.

I came across this gem of a video by Swami Sukhabodhananda where he explains a very simple yet extremely powerful method to handle life’s challenging situations.

We all face challenges & very often feel confused or helpless in how to handle the challenging situation.  I think if we can learn to adapt the amazing ABCD method, it can pretty much work as a formula to handle any challenge.  Let’s get started with ‘A’

A – Stands for Attitude

Here he talks about our attitude towards acceptance. By acceptance he does not mean we must get complacent with our situation but learn to accept whole heartedly what life has given us & make the best of it whether it is of our liking or not.

A poignant point he explains is learn to accept fairness as well as unfairness. If we learn to do so, we will understand how to use unfairness rather than get used by unfairness. This kind of approach toward life will make us a master over life’s situations rather than be a victim.

However, if we do not have an attitude of acceptance, even a grey hair on our face will have the power to make us unhappy.

Hence Swami says acceptance is an energy that we need to awaken which is the first step in ABCD method.

B – Stands for Belief

Swami ji here as given us a story of an army captain who was posted in Kashmir with the objective of capturing a terrorist. In doing so, he lost approximately 40 to 50 people of his battalion. After paying such a huge price, the higher authorities of the captain asked him to let go off the terrorist due to political influences. The same experience repeated when he was posted in Lanka where he was again asked to let go off the terrorist he captured due to higher influences. Finally he was given an administrative job for the very reason that he was so effective in capturing the terrorist. The Captain told Swami that what pains him is that he has been punished for  the very reason  that he did his job so effectively.

I’m sure the above story can resonate with all of us at some level that in spite of putting in our best, we may have not get the desired outcome. Swami ji explains that we must learn to have faith that there is a higher source & a better source that will reward you in his own way when we have done everything in our capacity & things have not gone our way.

So do you still believe that life must only be fair to you?  As I understand, what he says here is let go off your belief that life must only be fair to you because life has fairness & unfairness & yet at the same time learn to believe in the higher source when we feel treated unfairly.

C – Stands for Commitment in life

I suppose most of us, including me will be guilty of this that we are committed to whine or complain rather than look at the situation as an opportunity of growth. Make a commitment once & for all that you are committed to grow no matter what situation you may be facing. If we look at our unfavorable situation as a teacher & God’s way of coaching us, we can have a totally different outcome from it.

If we are committed to grow in life, we will be in harmony with life rather than be in conflict with life.

D – Stands for What is the Daring energy you have.

This one’s my favorite where he says what your daring energy towards life is. Be a master of your like’s & dislikes by going above them.

He clearly says that people are cowards if they only want things to go their own way. Whatever happens to us should only be an external stimulus & should not decide our inner climate. He says that people who always expect that life will give them something of their liking are cowards as they cannot go beyond their comfort zone, which is why he says “ Have a daring attitude towards life’ which again implies to have the courage to make best of even an unfavorable situation

To re- emphasis on how to handle life’s challenges are by first understanding “How to handle life’s fairness & unfairness”.


In conclusion , he says that if we truly have given our best in whatever it is we want to achieve  & results have not been what we expected , we must learn to let go of  our personal agenda for whatever has happened & be open to a cosmic agenda & yet continue to do whatever best we can do. Unfairness can be a part of a cosmic agenda which our definition of fairness cannot define.

If we learn to implement the above, life becomes a mantra & a celebration.

Swami ji’s teaching are based on the Bhagwat Gita

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