What are you focusing on?

imagesFirst things first, what are you focusing on right now. It’s extremely important for us to be able to shift our focus as & when we have to. The fact is there are negative people & negative news all around us which is why we are habitually used to focusing on whatever negative is going on around us. While this happens very easily & naturally to most of us, what we need to develop is a skill to shift are focus the moment we realize our attention is on the problem. This is very similar to when we see an argument happen on a road & all we do is stand there & look at it. The reason we do that is because the situation has drawn all our focus toward it & for that moment we have forgotten everything else. This is what we do with our challenges that we face, just waste our focus on it completely.

Just the way the solution to that would be to go ahead & stop the fight, so too we need to shift the focus from the state the challenge has pulled us into what action we need to take.

How fast can we shift our focus?

The key here being to be able to shift our focus when we need to. It could sometimes take us days to shift our focus, sometimes hours & at times we just have to indefinitely wait for our focus when it feels our focus is out of our control.  It’s important that we learn to shift our focus as & when we want to.

How to shift our focus

The simples way to shift our focus would be to ask ourselves the question “What is the situation implying” If it’s a health issue, does it imply a change in my diet. If it’s a financial issue, is it implying a change in my business or work strategy or a relationship issue that is demanding more attention?

We need to make it a practice to ask the right question in order to shift our focus. We are going to face stressful situation regularly. Rather than thinking Why the hell? We need to ask “What does this mean in terms of action I have to take? Or what am I doing on a daily basis to improve this situation?

We need to make it a habit to keep asking these questions until it goes on auto pilot & every time we slip into a negative state, our auto – questioning pulls us out of it.

Let the feeling of the outcome be your pulling factor

Practice the feeling of how it is in the place you want to be. When you shift your focus toward the solution, keep your focus on how you are feeling of receiving that success. That feeling will be your pulling factor which will drive you toward taking the necessary action to achieve it. You can’t just depend upon will power as sooner or later it, we tend to run out of will power. Your focus on getting the result you want is what you need to focus on if in order to keep your action consistent each & every day.

As Tony Robbins says “The strongest force in the whole human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves “


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