How to feel better about yourself even if you don’t know why


Take a decision about how you will live & your feelings will catch up later 

The reason I find the above statement so interesting is that we all hope to be confident, happy & sure of our selves all the time & most of the time we wait to feel that way. The waiting just gets us to endless waiting & sometimes leads to more frustration & delay about us feeling better.

As the above statement suggests, we need to take a decision about how we want to feel about ourselves. We need to decide to act confident despite having nothing to feel confident about. We need to decide to be happy despite the issues that are bothering us most of the time. We need to decide to act & behave the way we should if we want to feel the way we want to later.

A very simple yet straight forward approach to living but yet it eludes most of us once we get caught on our daily issues & daily challenges. Perhaps the daily issues & challenges would not get to us if we are taking the decision about how we want to live

How do we decide to feel the right way?

Be at peace

Being at peace means the presence of God. When you decide to be at peace, you will be in control of yourself. When you will be in control of yourself, you will have better judgment of a situation & make better decisions. Being at peace will ensure that your circumstances do not decide your mood. Your circumstances will not decide your mood but you will.

Leave the thought of “ If Only”

You may think that If only I had more money I would be more confident. If only I had a good relation I would be happier, If only I had a girlfriend, a rich husband. The list can go on & on but the fact is you need to be confident within yourself even when “If only” is not happening for you. No matter what feel confident. Even if you don’t know why to feel confident, even if you do not know when feel confident. Feel confident to live confidently. You can’t get control over life but you can get control over yourself.

Thinking “If only I had” is nothing but a weak feeling & an excuse for us. Let’s be over & done with this weak mentality it so we can decide to behave the right day so that we feel the right way later on.

You always have a choice

You always have a choice about how you feel & behave. Make a choice that you will not waste today. Make a choice that you won’t feel sorry for yourself any more. Make a choice that you will take a step forward today.

Only Faith works

Let’s get down to it. The only thing that will work is faith.  The negative emotions will only drag you down. You will break a habit only when. Practice Faith. Practice Prayer, practice better feelings & you will start to feel your life is better & your life is getting right.

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