How to deal with a setback or failure: Learn to build positive Stamina


This is an amazingly straight & positive method of bounding back immediately from a setback. If mastered it will pull you back from your negative state immediately & put you forward motion towards a focused goal.

Once something has gone wrong, there’s no point looking backwards so when things go wrong rather than constantly looking at what has gone wrong what we  need to do is look past it & create a bold new vision for the future

So being aware that things can go wrong every now & then & we need an approach to deal with it. This approach is called “Positive Stamina “

How we can apply is it rather than focus on what has gone wrong, create a bold new vision for what you want & focus on that. What this will do is immediately shift your mental focus from a negative state to a positive one.

It flips your mind from focusing on the problem to focusing on a new goal & a new vision for yourself which leads to new ideas & new solutions & it makes the old problem irrelevant & obsolete. What’s most important is to learn to manage our minds mind & not let a situation pull us into thinking negatively. Sometimes we might fail but we will learn for the next time. Every time a negative thought comes, replace it with a positive thoughts. That takes energy but the result will be stamina, positive stamina. A necessary ingredient for success.

The term “Positive Stamina” has been said by Donald Trump

Why it works so well is that this technique automatically shifts our focus rather than waste your time over what has already happened about which nothing can be done.

The above is a narration by Vishen Lakhiani at one of his events.

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