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Why we should always commit a 100%

A word on faith The bible says that faith cometh by hearing & hearing by the word of god. When you have god’s word on something, it’s like god writing you a cheque & you believe that god has promised to give you what you desire.  When you believe what god has promised you, then you tailor your behavior into alignment of what you believe & you receive what you believe. In order for us to demonstrate the above faith, we need to learn how to commit to whatever we do. Believe you can incorporate faith in your personality. This...


We need to jump out of our comfort zone

Let’s understand the following story There is a great example here of a person here who is caught in the fire of a building & he wants to get out of it.  There’s a man downstairs who asks him to jump but he feels too scared to jump as it’s too dangerous & decides to stay back. Despite knowing that there is no other option, he still hopes that a solution will come about somehow from somewhere but the fact is his only solution was to jump out rather than stay where he is. As he did not gather to...