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How you must feel in order to get rich

Firstly, I would like to than Stuart Wilde for giving us his detailed explanations on money based on which I have written this article. His no nonsense, straight forward method would resonate with any practical person. Most of us would agree that we are predominantly a product of our thoughts, actions & feelings however an important question to ask would be “do we feel good about yourself? “ We may have imperfections in various areas of our lives, be it relationships, money , physicality or anything else. But despite all our flaws, shortcomings & failures, could we still feel good...


The Power of Self Talk

Ever heard the term GOD is within us? Neville Godard explains us how are own self talk creates our own reality. In my childhood I did hear this term called GOD is within us. I actually never understood it. Was it because we were all living beings or was there a small GOD inside of us? When I came across Neville Godard’s teachings, he mentioned a sentence which says “Our inner conversations are the word of GOD” If you think about it, we talk to ourselves all day & what we speak is what creates the GOD within us. If...

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What are you focusing on?

First things first, what are you focusing on right now. It’s extremely important for us to be able to shift our focus as & when we have to. The fact is there are negative people & negative news all around us which is why we are habitually used to focusing on whatever negative is going on around us. While this happens very easily & naturally to most of us, what we need to develop is a skill to shift are focus the moment we realize our attention is on the problem. This is very similar to when we see an...