How we can keep ourselves in a more positive state of mind by watching the film ‘A Beautiful mind ‘

a-beautiful-mind1   Russell Crowe, plays a genius scientist, John Nash in the film a “Beautiful Mind” but despite being a genius he also shows signs of being eccentric & reserved. He seems to have all the success once could want until we realise he has been having hallucinations & now they have got severe to the point that they are overpowering his real life for which he needs to be hospitalized.

After being hospitalized & getting adequate medical attention, he becomes aware of his mental condition & has to stay at home as his medication is too strong because of which he can’t work. His staying at home leads to issues of him being not of much use physically or intellectually, one of which is that he can’t respond to his wife physically. In order to change things, he discreetly stops his medication & his hallucinations re – start.

His wife finds out about this and they are close to having an accident at home. He is about to leave in fear but he stops his wife, telling her that he has understood that he is hallucinating. The way he understood was that there was a girl in his hallucinations who was his imaginary friend’s niece who had not grown older in the past several years.

Yet, they has to call the doctors again to take a decision about whether he should be hospitalized or not. The doctor says his condition is de-generative & he should be hospitalized but being a Math genius he says he solves problems & looks at his problem like any other problem which can be solved.

The interesting part here is that his hallucinations do not go away but just the fact that he is aware about it is how he learns to control it. His hallucinations never leave him but all he does is stops responding to them.

What’s the biggest learning from the film?

It is simply the fact that we all have fears & worries that keep playing constantly in our head. We either try to fight them or wait for them to go away but that rarely works. It’s a lot simpler to just be aware of them & not respond to them. Just look at it objectively & know that despite having these issues we do not need to respond to them. We don’t even have to be geniuses or highly intellectual people. It’s a habit that can be developed like any other.

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