About this blog

Hi, my name is Satish Torani. I am a business owner, a hobby filmmaker & with this website I suppose I am a blogger as well.

The reason behind me setting up this blog was to share the teachings I have learnt from great personalities such as Tony Robbins, Td Jakes, Les Brown , Swami Sukhabodhananda & many more. I have been reading & listening to their teachings for a long time now & even though what they say is very easy to hear & understand, I realized it is extremely hard to implement. The simple reason being it can be very easy to mistake listening & understanding for implementing.

We can fall back on these teachings only if we have built it into your system & day to day living which requires a tremendous amount of discipline from our end. It requires a constant & conscious effort from our end to make change.

I’m not writing these articles because I consider myself on expert but in fact as a student who is constantly wanting to improve & learn so writing these articles are a great learning for me as well.

We all go through challenges & at times it can get very hard to know what the right things to do is. With this blog I hope to reach out to as many people as possible who will find something here that will resonate with them & help them.

I would love to hear your comments on the writings here. If you would like contribute your articles to the website, please email me at satish_torani@yahoo.com